Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

Facilitating New Revenue Streams for Attorneys and Doctors

Accidents can happen to anyone, and when they do, things can quickly escalate. People injured on either private or commercial property will often exercise their right to file a lawsuit and claim damages. Therefore, personal injury attorneys must be able to immediately reach out to high-quality, reliable medical professionals who can care for their clients. Likewise, physicians – especially those with personal injury experience – need new ways to bring patients into their practice. Enter Fortis.

Fortis Medical Group is a leading Medical Management Consulting Firm, and our new Personal Injury division was formed to help solve both of these business problems by generating reliable leads for our partners.

For Doctors & Medical Professionals

Physicians, chiropractors, hospitals, medical transportation and related professionals that are searching for qualified patient leads from an experienced team should consider partnering with Fortis. When our personal injury and work comp attorney partners contact us for help located a specific type of medical professional, we send these leads directly to our network of respected and reliable medical professionals.

Our goal is to offer our highly qualified network a steady stream of patients, with Fortis ensuring that the process is efficient and professional. We’re looking to partner with a wide range of medical personnel, including pain management specialists, chiropractors, psychologists, neurologists, physical therapists, dentists, acupuncture and massage practitioners, and more.

We’re looking for all types of specialists because each patient will have specific treatment requirements. We will also prioritize partnerships with medical professionals who have experience with the personal injury and work comp claims process.

For Attorneys & Case Managers

When it comes to getting medical attention for personal injury claims, time is of the essence. From a legal standpoint, the injured party often has a short window of time in which to seek medical care and establish the nature of – and treatment for – their injuries. This documentation can be invaluable to legal proceedings for years to come.

As a medical referral service, our job is to provide attorneys with fast and convenient access to top doctors, surgeons, specialists and more. We do not get directly involved with cases, but we do facilitate the relationship between our medical and legal partners and work to ensure a smooth working relationship between all parties.

Fortis offers a network of exceptional medical experts as well as an efficient process for managing claim-related injuries. Our team can handle everything from insurance to medical service (pre- and post-care) without collecting fees from the injured party. We offer our services on contingency for an agreed-upon portion of the settlement.

Why Choose Fortis?

We offer a vast, high-quality network of physicians.

We manage cases from start to finish through a single point of contact for the patient, attorney and physician.

We’re experts in personal injury case management.


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