Medical Practice Management

We mind your own business

so you can focus on what really matters.

Running a practice isn’t brain surgery. It’s much worse. That’s where we come in.

Fortis is a Medical Management Consulting Firm providing comprehensive business and consultation services to the world’s leading doctors, surgeons, specialists, private practices, and surgical centers. As a medical professional, your time and energy are devoted to your patients, procedures, and personal development. There’s simply no time to act as CEO, COO, CFO – not to mention Social Media Manager – and maintain an efficient, well-organized, and profitable practice.

With more than 40 years of collective experience, the senior management team at Fortis has been improving business practices, creating more efficient and productive work environments, designing pragmatic solutions to existing problems, increasing sales and profitability, and bearing the burden of day-to-day operations so that our clients can focus on their true priorities. Through our holistic approach to practice management, we have achieved substantial, long-term, and quantifiable results.

Doctors should be doctors. Let us handle the rest.

An apple a day won’t save your practice

but a dedicated business management team can do wonders.

We understand that third party business management is a big investment for any practice. That’s why we guarantee your return on investment (ROI) by reducing your operating costs, identifying efficiencies, streamlining business practices, implementing new technologies and procedures, and seeking out opportunities for additional or increased revenue generation. We’re only profitable if you’re profitable, so it’s in our own best interest to fight tooth and nail for your success.

On average, within 90 days of working with FORTIS, our clients break even on our service fees. Within 180 days, our clients are profitable. In some instances, with the proper budget in place, we have doubled a practice’s earnings and revenue in a single year


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